Baylor ITS gives cyber safety tips amid spam emails

By Igor Stepczynski | Broadcast Reporter

Many Baylor student have received messages in their Baylor inbox claiming that someone has sensitive information of them. The scammer writes that their webcam recordings and account information will be leaked to the dark web unless a Bitcoin transaction of $800 is completed within 72 hours.

These emails are nothing new to Baylor Information Technology Services. Information Security Analyst Will Telfer says DUO two-factor authentication has brought the frequency of these emails very low.

“Forward those emails to, that lets the e-mail administrator see them as well as the security staff,” Telfer said.

Baylor Information Technology Services is motivating students to practice cyber safe habits, such as having different passwords for each account and not letting your personal technology out of your sight in public.

Telfer also says students should keep their webcams covered. In his research, he learned about programs that deactivate the LED light when the web camera is recording. Although this is rare, it is an extra piece of mind.

“We are having a Cyberfest event coming up at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, October 15th in the Cashion lobby, and we will have some there,” Telfer said. “Anytime there is a BearAware event, we usually have them out on the table.”