Making your bed can make your day

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

We all start our day the same way: getting out of bed. However, this is where it can change for each individual.

Some people hear their alarm go off multiple times and wait till the very last second before they have to rip their blankets off get out of bed. They proceed to scramble, throw their clothes on from the day before on and leave the their room a complete disaster.

Then for others, they set one alarm and get out of bed in a leisurely manner. They have more than enough time pick out an outfit, make their bed and have breakfast.

These are the two types of people in the world. I am not saying that one is right and one is wrong. However, I am saying one is far more effective for starting your day right.

We have all been in both situations at one time or another. After a long night of homework and studying, we so desperately grasp for one extra minute of peaceful sleep before another exhausting day. But then there are also times we wake up before our alarm, lay out an outfit for the day, make our bed to a crisp and cook a healthy nutritional breakfast.

I will say it: I have been in both situations. I will even admit I usually am the one running out the door at the very last second with coffee spilling all over me and a granola bar in hand.

However, lately I have been trying to challenge myself to make my bed every morning rather than rushing out the door at the very last second.

My mom always told me as a child (and still to this day) to make my bed and clean my room. I always just thought she wanted me to do this so we could have a clean and organized house.

However, I recently discovered my mom actually had a theory. Making my bed and cleaning my room has been exhilarating — not in the same way you feel as going down a roller coaster at Six Flags, but rather a small sense of accomplishment.

I like to think that having a clean room with a made bed creates an organized environment that lets your mind operate without distractions. Having your clothes all over the ground, empty water bottles, blankets and pillow a mess, and that one old take out box you have yet to throw out lying all over your room can really hinder you mentally.

Of course, not everyday is perfect and you will not have time to make your bed every day. We all have those days. However, I challenge you to take that extra five minutes make your bed, pick up your clothes off the ground, clean your room and start your day on the right foot. I honestly believe that you will feel a difference. You will have better mindset, feel better about yourself, and go into the day with a better mood.