‘No’ your limits

Know how to say no and know what you’re capable of.

People say yes far too often, so if you’re feeling insufficient or unhappy, stop saying yes and start saying no.

It’s also important to recognize if you have a hard time saying no. If you do, don’t put yourself in a position in which you’re constantly putting yourself in a bind over things you don’t actually have to do or frankly want to do.

What’s the point if you’re not happy? You have to invest in yourself before you invest in other people, and for some that’s hard to hear. Sometimes providing other people with a certain level of happiness can have positive affects on your own well-being, but there comes a point where enough is enough.

If you find yourself not being able to do the things that provide comfort and joy because you’re constantly over exhausting your resources, that’s definitely a sign.

Be cautious and try not to take on more than you can handle.

Prioritize doing things that make you happy, but be careful because some people can misinterpret you putting yourself first as selfishness. If you don’t care about something, you should stop giving your time and energy to it.

If you’re struggling to juggle your priorities and that one friend you haven’t seen in a while asks you to dinner — know that it’s okay to say no. Think about your long term well-being, because everyone has a breaking point.

Surround yourself with good people who will build you up and not peer-pressure you to say yes, and won’t make you feel bad for saying no.

Join organizations that fulfill you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If any unnecessary anxiety or stress plagues a decision, re-evaluate.

Becoming more involved with things that don’t hinder your mental health can bring a sense of peace, and with it a feeling that you’re more integrated and whole.

You’re capable of juggling multiple responsibilities. Find your niche. Take time for yourself and invest more time into the things you like, rather than the small things you’re doing just to say you’re involved.

Listen to yourself and your emotions and learn when you need to take a step back. Take care of your mental health.