Baylor’s inaugural campus-wide Career Day kicks off tomorrow

Baylor’s Career and Professional Development staff is ready to help students prepare for Career Day. Nathan de la Cerda | Multimedia Journalist

By Michael Knight | Reporter

For students beginning to look for a job after college or gain internship experience, Baylor Career Day will connect them with potential employers and career information. The event includes employers that relate to a wide variety of majors on campus and there are plenty of career opportunities available.

Career Day will host around 170 companies, many of which will be in search of students to fill their jobs and internships positions. It will take place from 3-7 p.m. Wednesday and spans multiple buildings around campus.

The Foster Campus for Business and Innovation’s first and second floors are for business and liberal arts majors, Cashion Academic Center’s fifth floor is for STEM/health science majors and the Bill Daniel Student Center’s second floor is for all majors.

Even though management information systems (MIS) majors are associated with the business school, MIS positions will be located in Cashion with the STEM jobs.

Jeffrey Stubbs, director of undergraduate career management at Baylor, talked about how this year’s Career Day will be unique compared to career fairs in the past.

“This year, we have expanded the career fair to an event we’re calling Career Day,” Stubbs said. “It is available to everyone of all majors campus wide. In addition, instead of having it in just one location, we have it in three locations.”

The inclusion of nearly all majors is another unique aspect of this particular career event. In the past, Stubbs said that the career fairs were mostly focused on business and STEM majors, and that the event was located only in Foster. This event, dubbed the “largest-ever career event” in Baylor’s history, is welcome to all majors.

Stubbs also encouraged students to prepare for Career Day if they are seriously considering finding a future employer or internship at the event.

“I think they need to pick a handful of companies that they’re interested in,” Stubbs said. “Maybe that’s five, 10, 15, 20 companies that they think they would like to go and visit with, and then do some research with those companies. Find out what that industry is all about, what that organization is all about, what kind of positions they offer. Do some research before you go.”

Stubbs also suggested that students practice their pitch and be prepared to introduce themselves when they arrive at Career Day.

Spring junior Blake Loosley, a student attending the event, discussed how he is getting prepared for Wednesday’s Career Day.

“I jumped on Handshake and looked for possible companies that would be the best possible fit for my major and my future career,” Loosley said.

For more information on the companies attending, or to sign up for Wednesday’s Career Day, be sure to visit Baylor’s Handshake page for the event.