Baylor Career Center prepares for Success September

The Baylor University Career Center has several events planned for September. Photo courtesy of Shelby Cefaratti

By Tyler Bui | Staff Writer

The Baylor University Career Center has filled the month of September with events and resources for students, and has recently undergone changes to better prepare students for the workforce.

Last spring, the Office of Career Management in the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation and the Career and Professional Development Office merged, creating the Baylor University Career Center for all students.

With this change, the Career Center now has three offices on campus.

“Our central office is located on the 1st floor, west wing of the Sid Richardson Building with two additional offices in Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation, Suite 150 and Rogers School of Engineering and Computer Science, Suite 220,” according to the Career Center website.

Shelby Cefaratti, the marketing communications coordinator for the Baylor University Career Center, said these new changes within the Career Center will help students to better navigate the job search process and be more prepared for their future careers.

“We want to make sure every single student knows that they have help,” Cefaratti said. “We want to talk to students and let them know we’re here and what the new changes are. We really want to be as much of a part of the university and a part of the culture of Baylor as we can.”

The Career Center has labeled this month “Success September” as it is filled with events and resources to help students prepare themselves for their future careers.

Cefaratti said Handshake is the best place for students to find and register for these events, and to also search for prospective jobs and internships.

“Handshake is the number one resource for students to use,” Cefaratti said. “It’s like LinkedIn, where companies can search for you, but here they’re only looking for Baylor students and certain majors. They will start coming to you the more active you are [on Handshake]. It’s really a cool platform. We also have events [on Handshake] and list the different companies coming to campus—you can register through Handshake and know that you are guaranteed a space.”

One event happening this month is BU Suit Up on Sunday at J.C. Penney in the Richland Mall. This event gives students an opportunity to learn how to dress for jobs, interviews and internships, and students can get a discount on the clothes they purchase.

“We’ve had this event just about every semester for the past couple years,” Cefaratti said. “It’s right before the big events this month so you can get professional dress for them. Our staff and career coaches will be there—it’s especially nice when you have no idea how to dress professionally. J.C. Penney closes for everyone except Baylor students and you can get up to 60% off clothing.”

On Sept. 11 in Moody Library, Café Resume will take place. Students will be able to meet with a Career Coach to review their resume and improve it. In addition, students in attendance get a coffee gift certificate from the Career Center.

The Career Center’s biggest event this month is the Career Fair, which will occur from 3 to 7 p.m. on Sept. 18. The event will be located in three different buildings: the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation, the Cashion Academic Center and the Barfield Drawing Room in the Bill Daniel Student Center.

“We’ve never done a Career Day like this before— we have over 165 employers attending,” Cefaratti said. “What is cool about this day is that students can go to different locations—for instance, if you’re really interested in nonprofits, you’re probably interested in humanities too. So you can go to different locations and meet tons of employers who are all looking to hire Baylor students.”

There will be multiple companies holding information sessions and interviews on campus throughout the month as well. Students can apply for an interview by submitting their resume through Handshake.

Austin junior Jordan Shackelford plans on attending both the Career Fair and information sessions throughout the month of September.

“I definitely will attend the Career Fair. Being a student-athlete, we don’t have much free time to go out and actively pursue internships and attend interviews and off-campus events, so the Career Fair gives us a great opportunity to connect with recruiters and businesses while being close to home,” Shackelford said. “It’s great that Baylor provides one place where we can explore our options for the future.”

Cefaratti said she hopes these changes will allow students to feel more confident going into the workforce.

“We just want to make the process as interactive and easy as possible. Looking for a job is scary,” Cefaratti said. “When looking for a job, there’s skills you need to learn. It’s not about just putting together a resume and sending it out. There are things you can do that will get you ahead, and we’re here to show you what those skills are. Success starts now. It’s never too late and it’s never too early.”