CSA hosts ‘Dia Del Catholic’ event at Baylor Marina

Baylor Catholic Student Association hosts their Dia Del Catholic event. The event, hosted at the Baylor Marina, included a free taco dinner as well kayaking, paddle boarding and sand volleyball. Shae Koharski | Multimedia Journalist

By Bridget Sjoberg | Staff Writer

Baylor’s Catholic Student Association (CSA) finished off the school year with Dia Del Catholic, a play off of the well-known Baylor on-campus tradition and one of the group’s largest events.

The event was free for all students to attend and took place at the Baylor Marina, allowing for attendees to partake in activities like kayaking or sand volleyball. It also served as a way for CSA to help students learn more about what the group stands for and participates in on a weekly basis.

San Marcos junior Laura Rivas serves as president of CSA and described the event as a way for CSA members and students to join in community towards the end of the semester and help students learn more about the group.

“Dia Del Catholic is our spin on Dia Del Oso — it’s our biggest event of the spring semester and it’s a social wrap-up towards the end of the school year,” Rivas said. “It’s a time to come together and have a last fun event before finals. We advertise the event because everyone is welcome — Catholic or non-Catholic. We hope that promoting helps so that anyone who is interested or has been looking for a community like this can meet members.”

Dia Del Catholic has been hosted by CSA in the past, but Rivas said that this is the first the year the event has been hosted at the Marina, allowing for a space to include food and activities.

“We rented some boats and we have options for people who want to play sand volleyball or just hang out and eat,” Rivas said. “We rented the patio space as well — we wanted a fun space for people to come together or meet new people.”

Denver sophomore Sophie Goodwin, vice president of CSA, sees Dia Del Catholic as a way to further the group’s goal of community and unity.

“So much of what CSA does is create a community — we hope to reach out to people that aren’t involved yet and help them to feel welcome here,” Goodwin said. “It’s a fun way for people to dip their feet in to what we do. We consider ourselves a community in mission — we want to serve Christ in the best way possible and we think that happens best when you’re in a community of people that love and support each other. We like hosting fun events for people to get to know each other and build friendships, and also faith-inspired events where we bring our community on campus to share with the greater Baylor community.”

CSA hosts events throughout the year on campus or at St. Peter Catholic Student Center on 9th Street, like CSA Coffee House or community nights, all in an effort to spread their faith and join in community with one another.

“This semester we started CSA Coffee House where we would ask people from the St. Peter’s community if they had any talent they would like to perform — we had ukulele, guitar, singing and had Common Grounds cater and sweet treats,” Rivas said. “They’re evenings where people can come together to hear live music. Once a month we also have on-campus adoration in Memorial’s chapel where we can bring the body of Christ on campus, which is a big deal for us.”

Goodwin hopes that next year, the group continues to expand and play an active role in the Baylor community, as well as host interesting events to get students involved.

“We’ve been meeting this semester with Focus Missionaries, or spiritual directors for students, on ways that we can improve connecting to Baylor’s campus and being involved with the school, so we can be known on campus. We want to start up tables every once in a while so if people have questions about Catholicism or just things they want to clarify, they can come up and talk to us,” Goodwin said. “We’re gearing what we do towards the idea of community in mission — we want to all walk together toward Jesus, our ultimate goal.”

Rivas said the best way to reach out for more information or get in contact with the group would be through updates on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or through St. Peter’s website.

“We always love meeting new people,” Goodwin said. “Sometimes it can be hard to get involved if you feel like you’re not at a good place with your relationship with God, but no matter what we’re always open to meeting new people and we want students to feel welcome and be a part of this community.”