StuGov Endorsements: Candidates focus on transparency, community

Student Body President: Sloane Simpson

The Lariat endorses San Antonio junior Sloane Simpson for the position of student body president. When a candidate runs unopposed, it can feel like voters are left without a say in who represents them. This is not the case with Simpson, who has worked tirelessly throughout her years in student government (including as EVP) to represent the diverse perspectives on Baylor’s campus and beyond.

Simpson is focused on unifying Baylor’s campus through multicultural engagement with diversity and inclusion seminars for registered organizations and student leaders. She also pledges to help combat food insecurities with The Store as well as advocating a new system of donating meal swipes to a swipe bank for students with limited resources.

She hopes monthly newsletters will enhance transparency with student government so students can feel supported and like they have a voice.

Her vision of unity stretches to the Waco community as well, such as streamlining volunteering with Waco schools to inspire local youth and building relationships with businesses in Waco so students can get local jobs and internships.

Internal Vice President: Trevor Rogers

April 08, 2019-Candidates-JA.jpg

For internal vice president, the Lariat finds Cypress junior Trevor Rogers to be the most qualified candidate. Rogers has a practical and holistic approach to his platform. He has identified a few tangible, achievable goals to focus on during his term in office rather than making lofty promises that are unlikely to be met.

As a member of the finance committee, Rogers recognizes the value of having conversations with students and administration about how to most effectively and efficiently utilize resources. He wants to find common ground to make real changes rather than have unproductive debates with no resolution. Specifically, Rogers will focus on increasing the Student Government Allocation Fund, which provides money for student organization events and campus improvements. He also plans to focus on parking problems for students, specifically by advocating for interior campus lots like Russell Gym to be made more available for students.

In terms of transparency, Rogers says making a meaningful change in students’ lives and creating relationships with organizations will open up communication with the larger student body.

External Vice President: Breann Bates


For the position of external vice president, the Lariat endorses Minneola, Fla., sophomore Breann Bates. Bates has served as a student senator for two years and now presents a platform built around the slogan “We are Waco.” Even if we only call Waco home for four years, Bates believes we have a responsibility to engage in a relationship with the city through service, community and sustainability.

One of the core elements of Bates’ platform focuses on widening students’ perspective on Waco. For example, Bates has a reading buddy at a local elementary school who inspired her to foster the promise of youth in Waco. She hopes to grow opportunities for students to engage with the community in a personal and meaningful way.

Furthermore, Bates’ sustainability initiatives will center on cleaning up waterways, improving recycling efforts on and off campus, and promoting the use of solar panels. These efforts will give students a stronger sense of pride and responsibility for their local community.

Finally, Bates plans to help grow I Heart Waco Day to connect Baylor students with local businesses and further cultivate relationships between the university and the city.