Krush it like Krupit: Pitcher talks work, play as she finishes the year

Freshman infielder, Kassidy Krupit talks about her first year as a Bears softball player. Branson Hardcastle | Multimedia Journalist

By Kaitlyn DeHaven | Digital Managing Editor

Freshman Kassidy Krupit is bringing young talent to Baylor softball. Even though it’s only her first season, she not only plays third base and bats, but also is an up-and-coming pitcher for the team.

Krupit said that although the team has dealt with some adversity this season, it’s been a great opportunity for her to grow her skills and play the sport she loves with people she loves. She said that game day can be a bit hectic, but she enjoys keeping on her toes throughout the game.

“I’ve always played multiple positions my whole life, and it has been a lot, but it’s been really fun,” Krupit said. “It’s been fun trying to be the best at every position you could play, especially at this level.”

She said that during a game, you never know what could happen, so while hitting and third base are her main priorities, she could be called into pitching at any time. Her main role right now is to be there in case she needs to step in for one of the pitchers. Because of this, when she warms up, she hits, throws and then goes to the bullpen to keep warm. In addition, throughout the game she runs over to the bullpen when available to keep her pitching arm warm.

“I sprinted from third to the bullpen and then had to go up to bat about 30 seconds later,” Krupit said. “After I hit, I had to run back out there and then run to third base. It’s hard to manage all that, but it’s worth it.”

Head coach Glenn Moore said that Krupit is still working to be more aggressive and mobile on third base, but she has the right mentality in the box.

“What she brings offensively is a constant threat for the long ball,” Moore said. “She’s certainly someone we’re going to get big things out of down the road.”

Krupit has had 27 hits and seven home runs so far this season.

Krupit said one of the main things that has been difficult to adjust to from high school is that at the collegiate level, every team is very skilled, while in high school, there were all different types of players and teams.

“In high school, there are all different types of players – they’re from everywhere,” Krupit said. “At college, it’s one top-tier level that you play.”

Krupit said if she could offer any advice to young, up-and-coming collegiate players, it would be to stay relaxed and to remember that this is the sport you’ve been playing your whole life.

“Continue to work hard, and don’t overthink it,” Krupit said. “It’s the same thing you’ve done your whole life, so don’t make it hard.”