Students without cars can take advantage of multiple resources

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

Students who do not have a car have a few alternatives to get around both Baylor and Waco.

Baylor offers multiple options for students without cars. The first and most popular resource is the Baylor University Shuttle (BUS). This system has five different routes extending to various apartment complexes and campus locations.

BUS service starts every class day at 7:25 a.m. and runs till 5:25 p.m. However, an after hours shuttle also runs until 1:30 a.m. All buses can be tracked and watched through an online application called Ride Systems. Students can download this application and plan transportation accordingly.

Richardson junior Katie Smith said the BUS has mostly been a great resource for her.

“I use the bus every single day to get to and from campus. For the most part, it can reliable,” Smith said. “However, there have definitely been days that it will break down out of nowhere and I have to find alternative transportation or walk.”

Austin sophomore Collin Beckwell said despite his gratitude for the BUS, he wishes it ran just a little later.

Another option for students without cars is the Zipcar system. Baylor houses three Zipcars in front of Pat Neff Hall. The only requirements to rent and drive a Zipcar is to be 18-years-old and have a valid drivers license.

To register, students can sign up online. The cost to rent a car ranges from $7.50 – $9.50 per hour. Zipcar covers gas, insurance and maintenance.

Another resource for students is a shuttle that takes them to H-E-B on Valley Mills Drive. It departs at the circle of 5th Street and Speight Avenue at 21 minutes after the hour and arrives back at Campus at 57 minutes after the hour. The bus route runs Monday through Saturday and riders can purchase a day pass for $3.