Spring Breakers: Students look forward to spring break trips with friends

After surviving midterms many students will take trips with their friends over break. Photo Courtesy of Lauren Milner

Savannah Cooper | Reporter

From late February to mid-April, millions of college students across the country partake in an allocated break from their academics. Some go back home and Netflix and chill it all week, some splurge on an international adventure, some even serve through a missions trips, but many pile up in a car with their closest friends and road trip to the nearest destination with the hottest beach and/or a lively nightlife.

Spring break is a loved tradition that is much needed after a grueling week(s) of midterms. Unlike breaks growing up, collegiate spring breaks allow students to really have freedom to do whatever they want for a full seven days.

For freshmen, this will be a step into a new realm of independence that’s exciting, but slightly anxious for the unknown they’ll experience. For seniors, this will be their last time experiencing a vacation with close friends.

Orange County, Calif. Senior Zoe Nervo is graduating this semester and is aiming to have full-time employment within the business side of film production industry by the end of May. Nervo is going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a group of ten friends for the full seven days. With this being her last break before adulthood hits, Nervo is going to fully enjoy herself.

“This is the last time my friends and I are really going to be able to take a trip like this because we’re going to make the most of it before getting jobs by the end of May,” Nervo said. “We won’t have anytime to take off and can do a vacation like this with no consequences or anything or not having to worry about paying any bills. We also don’t know where anyone of us will be in a year from now since we’re from all over.”

Houston freshman Johnathan Ashe will be going back home for the first time since winter break and will take part in one of his hometown’s annual traditions: The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. At the rodeo, Ashe will meet up with friends and easily spend the entire day riding carnival rides, enjoying the atmosphere and eating turkey legs and funnel cake.

Ashe is staying home and will go to Galveston during one of the weekends, but he can already tell there will be a difference from high school breaks.

“I’ll enjoy this spring break because I haven’t been back home at all this semester,” Ashe said. “In high school during spring break it’s more of just doing your regular routine. You might just go out, but in college you have way more freedom to go to Padre, go to Austin, stuff like that.”

Dallas Senior Lauren Milner is also going to Cabo San Lucas thanks to a graduation gift from her parents and a desire to go somewhere warm. This will be Milner’s last spring break, so she’s doing all she can to make it most memorable.

“I’m making sure to take lots of pictures, focus on relaxing and having fun and making sure to take it all in as it is the very last college spring break,” Milner said.

Milner thinks spring break is the perfect time to build on true friendships that can last a lifetime, especially for your first one.

“These trips are a good time to become closer with friends and make new one,” Milner said. “Especially freshman year, when people are still building friendships. Use this as a great opportunity to have fun with those around you and become closer friends.”

Nervo advises freshmen who will be traveling for spring break for the first time to document it well and fully enjoy the company you’re with.

“Have a ton of fun, take a lot of pictures,” Nervo said. “Definitely be careful because you’ve never done it before. Enjoy it, have so much fun with your friends cause your friends change from year to year and I think it’s very special to do something fun like this with your really good friends.

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