Multicultural Affairs signing day gives Baylor a glimpse into diverse organizations

By Lizzie Thomas | Reporter

Multicultural affairs (MA) signing day was designed as a way to give students the opportunity to commit to an organization that they might not have known was an opportunity for them. The event was held Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the MA Suite, located in the first floor of the Student Union Building (SUB). Geoffrey Griggs, assistant director of multicultural affairs, created MA Signing Day in 2017 so organizations could present again the benefits of joining to the student body.

“In today’s day and age, we all love competition. Signing day was created as a way to heighten the awareness of our multicultural organizations,” Griggs said. “Our organizations get to step into the shoes of these college coaches as they convince students to commit to their organizations, or reaffirm their commitment to their organization for a prize.”

Griggs said he based the idea off the Bleacher Report App, where high school athletes can see the top commitments for college. Though mostly multicultural organizations will be attending, Griggs said all student organizations are welcome.

Oklahoma City senior Ada Ughanze said she enjoys being able to use her strengths at Union Board, one of the organizations represented at MA Signing Day.

“At Union Board, I have the ability to help people at Baylor, specifically freshmen, and connect with others,” Ughanze said. “It brings out my spirit of administration.”

According to Ughanze, a similar event last semester created for African American students exposed her to Step, natural hair groups and NAACP. She said she was impressed by how the African American community at Baylor supports one another. Ughanze said experiencing different leadership styles has allowed her to decide what type of leader she wants to be.

“By being a part of an organization, you’re exposed to different types of people and different types of authority,” Ughanze said. “You get to meet people and be friends with people you never otherwise would because the only thing you have in common with them is this one shared interest. You get to decide what kind of leader you want to be, and you have the opportunity to rise up.”

According to Griggs, MA Signing Day involved creative experiences from organizations in order to express their value to students.

“The great thing about Signing Day is that this is an opportunity for students dreams to run wild. In the past, we have had people bring their own props to assist them in creating the most unique signing day experience that they could think of,” Griggs said. “We love getting pictures and videos of students going all out when signing their letters of intent. We will also have plenty of food for attendees and an opportunity to enjoy the outside of the Multicultural Affairs suite in a tailgate style environment filled with music and games.”

Griggs said students have nothing to worry about when considering joining in the middle of the school year.

“That wonderful thing about many of our organizations is that there is not a particular time in which you have to join. Outside of our Greek organizations, many accept members throughout the year and do an excellent job of getting individuals acclimated with their organizations,” Griggs said.