Bye Baylor, hello happiest place on earth: students work at Disney

Baylor Office of Career and Professional Development sent an email out, giving students a glimpse into Disney's college program. The program allows students to work for Disney but also take classes to further their degree in higher education. Photo courtesy Brenda Martinez-Tamez.

By Raegan Turner | Staff Writer

Students from colleges across the United States and internationally are being encouraged to participate in the Disney College Program, a paid internship at one of the two U.S. locations of the happiest place on earth. The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla. and the Disneyland Resort located in Anaheim, Calif. both offer the annual program, providing over 13,000 students with the chance to take part in the entire realm of Disney.

Employed interns will fill more than 20 different positions that range from costume positions to having role responsibilities. Applicants are asked to be willing to work the equivalent of a full-time schedule and be available days, nights, weekends and holidays.

In addition to having backstage access and participating in exclusive events, the program has a tuition-free educational aspect for interns. Training classes, professional and personal development activities and networking opportunities are offered, along with an array of seminar and self-paced courses.

Murphy junior Brenda Martinez-Tamez is currently taking the academic year off in order to participate in the program. She works as a character in the park daily, interacting with guests and attending events. Martinez-Tamez is not participating in the offered courses through the program, as she found it unnecessary due to the fact that she was ahead in her required classes while at Baylor.

“Honestly college will always be there, and you only have this time in your life to work for the best entertainment company ever. I would say everyone should do it, even if you have to take an extra semester in school — it’s so so worth it,” Martinez said.

Baylor’s own Office of Career and Professional Development promoted the opportunity in a university-wide email sent out last week. According to the email, the application deadline for either the Fall program, which is in session from August to early January, or the Fall advantage session, lasting from May/June to early January, is March 22.

Director of the office of CPD, Ryan Meredith, provided a more guided explanation for students regarding the program.

“The Disney Program is a fully immersive program that provides living, learning and earning experiences, where young professionals can gain valuable industry-specific, and transferrable experiences,” Meredith said.

He encouraged Baylor students to apply not only for the Disney College Program but for other internships as well, citing the experience as an imperative addition to any resume.

“Internships are one of the most distinguishing experiences that a recent college grad can have to set them apart in today’s job market. Not only do internships give industry-specific experiences, it also allows college students to develop professionalism and transferrable skills that will help progress their professional pursuits,” Meredith said.

In order to acquire more details about the Disney program or apply, visit their website. For more information about other available internships, contact or visit the Office of Career and Professional Development in the West wing of the first floor of Sid Rich.