Student brings deeper meaning to makeup

By Kennedy Dendy | Broadcast Reporter

For San Antonio senior Daemiah Perryman, makeup has become more than a hobby –– it’s become a way to serve her community. She has taken makeup to a new level with looks that she said she hopes inspire and serve as a way to teach youth in an artistic way.

While makeup brings Perryman joy, she said the true reason behind what she does is from her desire to give back to others.

“My mom and I talk about it all the time, because she’s moving to Austin, and I’m thinking about moving to Austin after I graduate,” Perryman said. “At the apartments we were looking at, there was an empty complex, and then there’s a cancer research center. She said it would be so cool for me to take a day out the week to make up cancer patients and make them feel pretty.”

Perryman’s art has even branched off into another area of makeup: special effects and masks. She said these gory looks are exceptionally realistic.

“The first mask I ever did was my Venom mask, and I made it from scratch,” Perryman said. “That’s the first thing I made, and I’m pretty proud of it. The other thing that I’ve been working with on and off is this Demogorgon mask. It’s really fun to do and a stress reliever, because it’s something you really just focus on and then it keeps going.”

Perryman is a health, kinesiology and leisure studies major, and said she hopes to work with children in the recreation sector, while still doing makeup on the side for anyone who needs it.

“Makeup is one thing that helps me come alive, but ultimately it’s with the youth,” Perryman said. “That’s just something I’ve always been interested in. Doing things with makeup and with your hands also helps them develop their motor functions and skills. It’s a way to incorporate them both together to help them with their artistic side and then also developmental skills and everything like that.”

For booking or to learn more about the looks Perryman creates, you can reach out to her by email.

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