Flying high: Baylor senior takes to skies during free time

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Sports Director

Wylie senior Clay Little has been flying for seven years and has his own plane in Waco. Little is an aviation administration major and said he finds time to fly before and after school throughout the week at the Waco regional airport, FBO Texas Aero.

Little said when he was younger, his father would take him to watch planes and this sparked his interest in becoming a pilot.

“When my dad was still in the military, he would take me out to the flight line before he would go to work,” Little said. “He would show me all the planes as they’d takeoff and I can remember that from my childhood. I always had such a fond memory of aviation and on my 15th birthday, my parents got me a discovery flight and it has been history ever since.”

Little said the best piece of advice his father has given him is to always do his best, no matter what.

“Even if you have a whole bunch of struggles in between, always do the best that you can because you’ll always succeed no matter what,” Little said. “If you keep trying and do your best, you’ll always find your way.”

Little said the biggest thing in the aviation community, for him, is the people.

“It’s a really tight-knit, small community and being able to meet so many new people with new airplanes and learning the history of aviation has been amazing,” Little said.