Yay or Nay? Christmas music before Thanksgiving

The long-standing debate about listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving was more heated than ever this year. Baylor students had plenty to say about the discussion. Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

It’s a debate that sweeps across campus every year. Is it appropriate for people to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving has passed? Many feel that the holidays should remain separate. Others feel the passing of Halloween brings on the Christmas spirit. We asked people across campus how they feel about the issue.

Peoria, Ill. senior Amanda Seaboch thinks that the two holidays deserve separate celebration.

“I think it’s really a matter of to each their own, but personally I don’t listen to Christmas music before thanksgiving,” Seaboch said. “I like to keep the holidays separate.”

Pocahontas, Ark. senior Kenneth Hanson holds a different opinion.

“I personally love Christmas music,” Hanson said. “I think it’s just happy and fun, and it just puts you in a good mood. I think anytime after Halloween is fair game for Christmas music.”

Temple senior Tristen Coffee agrees with Seaboch that the holidays are at different times and therefore, deserve separate celebrations.

“I think that Thanksgiving deserves its own moment,” Coffee said. “So, Christmas music should be reserved for post-turkey-day. You still have an entire month to get your holiday jam on.”

Back on the other side of the fence, San Antonio senior Andrew Chambers believes that listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving is perfectly appropriate.

“Listening to [Christmas] music before Thanksgiving is by no means an act of folly, but an act of virtue,” Chambers said. “One shows their dedication to Christmas cheer, season’s greetings and festiveness through the shared experiences of Yuletide carols.”

Regardless of one’s perspective on the heated debate, Thanksgiving has officially passed, and those interested in indulging their craving for Mariah Carey’s 1994 hit “All I Want For Christmas” can do so with little fear of judgement.