Tips and Tricks for your senior photos

Senior photos can be tricky. Students should ensure they pick the right photographer, outfit and back up plan. Claire Boston | Multimedia Photographer

It’s the time of the year where people start searching the Baylor free and for sale Facebook page for the best deals on senior portraits. Whether you’re looking to get your photos done in front of the iconic Pat Neff or the infamous Scruffy Murphy’s, you need to find a photographer that fits your needs and your price range. Here are some tips and tricks to organizing the perfect senior photo shoot.

Decide on your price range: Sessions with professional photographers can range from $100 to $300, depending on how experienced the photographer is, as well as how long the session is. Make sure that when you start planning your session, you have a clear financial plan so you don’t get talked into a far more expensive shoot.

Pick a location: Finding the perfect location is a difficult decision, so take your time with this one. Figure out what you want your shoot to look like, do your research on the surrounding area and definitely don’t forget to check the weather and have a backup location. Here’s the top 45 best places in Waco to take photos.

Find the right photographer: Make sure that when you’re searching for a photographer, you take a look at their online portfolio. Whether you choose to go with a student photographer or a professional, confirm that their style of photography matches your choice of location

Decide on your outfit: Outfits are an essential part of the senior portrait process, so it’s imperative that they’re well-coordinated. Dress appropriately for your location, taking into account the colors surrounding you. For example, don’t wear a white shirt if you’re planning to be in front of a white wall. Here’s some suggestions about what to wear for your pictures.

Be prepared for the big day: Bring all the essentials — an extra change of shoes, some chapstick, a hairbrush or comb and, if you’re wearing makeup, some cleansing wipes and touch up essentials. Your shoot may only be half an hour, but you never know what could happen in that time!

Senior pictures are a great opportunity to get new professional photos for your LinkedIn profile, or simply to make graduation announcements for your close friends and family. Take your time and make sure you plan the best senior photos possible!