Pi Beta Phi, Baylor Wellness partners up for Halloween fitness

Senior Jordan Hickey kick boxes with friends at Pi Beta Phi and Baylor Wellness's Haloween event at the SLC Tuesday evening. MJ Routh | Multimedia Journalist

By Caroline Yablon | Reporter

Pi Beta Phi and Baylor Wellness partnered up for their second annual HALOween Bash exercise class, where students from all organizations were invited to come in their favorite Halloween costume and participate at the Student Life Center Tuesday evening.

Dallas senior Annie Martin, a member of Pi Beta Phi, said Pi Phi nationals is very proactive in encouraging all chapters to promote awareness for wellness.

“We thought that it would be a great idea last year to promote wellness within the Baylor campus, and so we deiced to pair with Baylor Wellness to do a Tabata [a high intensity workout with 20 second intervals of work interspersed with 10 seconds of rest], yoga fitness for fun class, to promote exercises and wellness to the whole entire Baylor community,” Martin said.

The chapter made an effort to make the exercise class fun and interactive by having a live DJ and a costume contest.

Many of the students who came got in the spirit of Halloween and dressed up in costumes. There was a set of conjoined twins, super heroes, goth girls, space aliens and more.

The class was a mixture of Dance Fitness, Tabata — boxing, conditioning and yoga.

During the dance exercise portion of the class, students learned the dance to the iconic “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

Van Smith-Davis, assistant director of Baylor Wellness and one of the class instructors, said she wants students to understand that they can get fit while also having fun.

Davis also said Baylor Wellness was trying to showcase the FitWell classes they offer to students on a weekly-basis. They have two memberships that students can join — for $50 a semester students can join either Group X or F45, or $75 for both.

Group X consists of over 60 “fun and effective” classes that students can take: Barre, Zumba, Yoga, Dance Fitness, Boxing Conditioning and BearCycle are some options.

F45 is a high-intensity 45-minute circuit workout.

Davis said all instructors for these classes are students who are certified.

“It’s students teaching students,” Davis said.

Students who are interested can find the full schedule of classes for each week on the Baylor Wellness page.