How to take advantage of Baylor’s on-campus clinic

By Caroline Waterhouse | Broadcast Reporter

College students get sick all the time, especially during cold and flu season. Sometimes, though, it can seem like making an appointment at the on-campus health clinic requires more work than necessary.

Medical director, Dr. Sharon Stern, said the process of making appointments online for the student health clinic in the McLane Student Life Center is actually quite easy if you know how to navigate the system.

The health clinic is a full-functioning medical care unit with several different departments ranging from lab services, a pharmacy and physical therapy to allergy injections, general services and even comfort or support animals.

Students like Austin junior Taitum Thrift have said they didn’t even realize the extent of the SLC’s resources when a student is ill.

“I definitely didn’t know about the SLC until my mom was like you have to go to that doctor on campus,” Thrift said.

Stern said that even though there is complete medical staff, the clinic does get busy during the fall and winter months. She said while funding is not an issue when it comes to doctors and staff, the clinic does not have enough space for expansions right now.

Stern said signing up online is easy if you know when to log on. Booking an appointment on the website between 6 p.m. the night before until 8 a.m. the morning of is your best chance at receiving health care on-campus when you need it.

Stern said she commends the clinic for the progress it has made since she has been here and said students can get the most out of the clinic if they know the process.