Students learn how to dress to impress at Suit Up event

By Kennedy Dendy | Broadcast Reporter

The Office of Career and Professional Development and JCPenny teamed up on Sunday for their fourth BU Suit Up event. All students with a Baylor ID had the opportunity to shop professional dress apparel, shoes and accessories for 40 percent off their purchases at the register.

Houston junior Godfrey Evbuomwan attended Sunday’s event after hearing about the great opportunity it would be during one of his classes.

“I’m taking this one course, and this woman in the the Office of Career and Professional Development came by and spoke about how we should make our resumes and other stuff,” Evbuomwan said. “She also brought this event up, and she said it was a great opportunity for us.”

Although Evbuomwan was unsure of what to expect at the BU Suit Up event, he said was glad that he decided to show up.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted yet,” Evbuomwan said. “I just wanted to come and see what they had in the first place. I was really surprised to come by and see that the prices were lower than I expected.”

Evbuomwan said he has a strong understanding of how one’s professional attire can impact the outcome of an interview or even a first impression at a career fair.

“How you dress tells the person what they expect from you,” Evbuomwan said. “You’re meeting someone who has no idea who you are or what your background is. It’s pretty much making your first impression. This is how you introduce yourself without having to say any words.”

Marjorie Ellis, executive director for the Office of Career and Professional Development, said the opportunities offered within the Office of Career and Professional Development are of the utmost importance for students.

“What we noticed when we would try to get students prepared for careers fairs and interviews is that we talked to several students who either didn’t have appropriate interview attire or didn’t know what appropriate interview attire was,” Ellis said.

Ellis said she hopes that students utilize the opportunities that her office offers, so that they can be best prepared for meeting a future employer.

“We realize that feeling good and looking good in the clothes that you have also adds to your level of confidence you have when you’re representing yourself to an employer,” Ellis said. “We want to give the Baylor students an edge. We wanted to give them that feeling of confidence and preparedness.”

For more information about the opportunities and resources within the Office of Career and Professional Development, you can go to visit their website.

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