Wide receivers shine in first two games

By Noah Torr | Broadcast Reporter

While the Bears went 1-11 in their 2017 football campaign, the team’s wide receivers still managed to make their mark on the field last season.

Junior wide receiver Denzel Mims became the go-to for the 2017 Big 12 offensive freshman of the year Charlie Brewer, when Brewer and Mims connected for 152 yards and a touchdown in a loss to Texas Tech on Nov. 11.

Senior running back turned wide receiver Jalen Hurd, has made an immediate impact on the team this season. Hurd said this receiving core is special and that they’re different than other wideout groups across the country.

“We’re the most unselfish wide receiver core in the country I guarantee it. If you look at the way we block and how we play, we’re different than anybody in the country,” Hurd said.

Though they may be highly respected, Hurd said this doesn’t mean the group is exempt from mistakes.

“I left a lot of stuff out there [and] I’m sure there’s a lot of people that think they left a lot of stuff out there,” Hurd said. “You can’t do much about the past but learn from it and move on.”

Head football coach Matt Rhule said he has been happy by the group’s willingness to do the small things.

“They’re blocking and how unselfish they are [has impressed me],” Rhule said. “They called a holding call against [Chris] Platt; I told him ‘I don’t care, keep blocking.’ That is a selfless group. I wish we would’ve caught a few more balls but I love how unselfish they are.”

At 2 p.m. on Saturday, the Bears take on the Duke Blue Devils at McLane Stadium. Duke’s lead cornerback, Mark Gilbert, has been ruled out for the season with a broken hip, so Baylor’s receivers have the opportunity to capitalize on a gap in the Blue Devil’s defense.