Baylor shares time-honored tradition through BGB study abroad

2018 Baylor in Great Britain students enjoy a ride in the London Eye. Photo courtesy of Brooke Hill

By Elise Crosley | Reporter

Baylor University’s study abroad program, BearsAbroad, provides a wide variety of trips for every student’s travel dreams. One of their trips, Baylor in Great Britain, is especially popular. Students have the opportunity to walk along the south bank of the River Thames, see the London Eye and visit St. Paul’s Cathedral during their weeks there. Baylor in Great Britain is also Baylor’s oldest, still active study abroad program.

“There are a lot of other good options for students. We think what makes our program distinctive are the number of course offerings. We have eight different faculty that go with our program. We’re also big fans of London. We’re based right out of London. It’s an incredibly accessible city,” said co-director of the trip and professor and chair of psychology and neuroscience, Dr. Charles Weaver.

Baylor in Great Britain takes place during the summer, giving students the opportunity to travel during their time away from Waco and traditional Baylor classes. Students travel to a different country every weekend, discovering many new places. Places visited on the weekends include Prague, Paris and Dublin.

“There were two things that made me choose Baylor in Great Britain for study abroad. The first reason was the location. We stayed in South Kensington in London, which made it super convenient to see and do a lot of things,” Keller junior Emily Morgan said. “The second reason was because it was during the summer, which allowed me to continue to participate in the things I enjoy during the school year in Waco.”

This trip provides an assortment of classes, some to help gain credit towards one’s major and others to aid in understanding the culture.

“I took a castles course and a history course. In the castles course, our classroom was the actual castle we were learning about. This allowed me to see firsthand what we were learning,” Morgan said.

According to Weaver, the faculty have been a part of this trip for many years. They have participated in all of the attractions. However, his favorite part for the last ten years has been seeing the students’ faces when they see these historical landmarks for the first time.

“It’s a fun way for us to re-experience what it was like the first time,” Weaver said.

Oftentimes, students’ favorite part about studying abroad is the community they build along the way.

“The best part was getting to explore Europe with my best friends and making so many new friends. My favorite place was Edinburgh, Scotland because it was so unlike anywhere else, and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been,” Orange junior Madison Miller said.

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