Asian Ministry InterVarsity spreads Christ at Baylor

Intervarsity spends time worshiping together. Photo Courtesy of Intervarsity

By Maddie Gee | Reporter

There are numerous organizations on Baylor’s campus that share Christ’s message through fellowship and worship with one another. One group that is reaching out to fellow Christians on campus is Baylor’s Asian Ministry InterVarsity. The vision of the Baylor Asian Ministry InterVarsity (AM-IV) is “in Jesus, we are transformed by truth, unified in love and sent out on a mission.”

Christian music surrounds you as well as the bright smiles of the members of the organization as soon as you walk into the room.

“I think that the basis of every Christian organization is to worship Jesus and spread His love, but also we really try to reflect that into building community and sharing that love” Plano sophomore Sharon Sun said.

Even though the majority of the organization’s members are Asian, the organization is open to anyone who wants to celebrate God’s love in a safe space.

“We try to resemble Godly characteristics within our own community, and I think that is really special because we transcend all ages and races. Even though we are Asian-concentrated everyone is welcome, and I think that is really special about us.” Sun said.

College is a time for many students to draw closer to Christ in the midst of their daily struggles, from classes to just making new friends. “90 percent of youth who are active in church drop out of church by their sophomore year of college” according to Charis Bible College, and “70 percent of Christian teens are choosing to no longer follow Jesus their first year of college” according to “Campus Ministry Link.” Relationships with God can be hard for some to maintain when arriving at college without a support system behind you. AMIV is trying to change that.

Louisville sophomore Sara Lee had a early start in the organization.

“I went to church with someone in AMIV when I was really young. He ended up moving to Korea, and I had not talked to him in forever. He ended up reaching out to me and asking me to come and at first I was like ‘Nope, I am good,’ but just through people pursuing me and being persistent, I ended up playing flag football, and the sweet girls that surrounded me really reeled me in and loved on me. I felt like I was in a safe place.” Lee said.

Even though some of the members have been only been involved for a short time, the organization has already made an impact on them.

“Last year was my freshman year, so I did not know a lot of people in the organization but in the very beginning in the first semester we had a camping trip, and we had time to really get to know people of different ages away from school,” Sun said.

Through organizations like Asian Ministry InterVarsity, students are able to find organizations that help strengthen their relationships with Christ.