Waco Fire Department called to Simpson Center

Multiple fire trucks were stationed in front of the Simpson Athletic Complex on Monday evening. Firefighters could be seen climbing ladders inside the building, seemingly looking at an electrical problem. Liesje Powers | Multimedia Editor

By Harry Rowe | Staff Writer

The Baylor Simpson Center, one of several athletic complexes on campus, had firefighters and police called to it late Monday night as smoke filled up one of its staircases.

Police were notified of smoke in the building, but were unable to locate where the source was right away, according to a Baylor Police officer at the scene.

Maintenance could be seen from outside working on ladders and searching through ceiling paneling, searching for clues of where the smoke came from.

Garrett Ellis, a firefighter on the scene, said there was smoke when the Waco Fire Department arrived.

“There was just a little haze when we arrived,” Ellis said. “Maintenance is working to find out what it is. They think it’s an air conditioning unit.”

Further updates will come.