Lifestyle website Buttoned Bears provides creative outlet for students

Buttoned Bears, Photo Courtesy of Amanda Seaboch

By Bridget Sjoberg | Staff Writer

Created by three Baylor students who had the idea to promote fashion in the campus community, lifestyle site Buttoned Bears has grown into a popular online space for students to express themselves creatively.

Buttoned Bears posts articles three to four times a week with topics ranging from fashion to lifestyle to Waco eats and just about everything in between. The site also has a section titled “So Hot Right Now” that features a different Baylor student every week and how they incorporate their own personal style into their day-to-day life.

Peoria, Ill., senior Amanda Seaboch serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Buttoned Bears and appreciates how the site encourages students to be comfortable with expressing their own unique style in what they wear.

“I firmly believe that you can wear anything as long as your wear it with confidence,” Seaboch said. “The confidence with which people wear clothes is what makes it stylish. If you like something, then that’s your style and you should be confident in that.”

On a campus where t-shirts and Chacos are the norm, Seaboch sees Buttoned Bears as a place for students to find clothing and lifestyle inspiration that stands out from the crowd.

“For Baylor, when you walk on campus a lot of people look the same- a lot of people stick to pastel Comfort Colors t-shirts and Nike shorts,” Seaboch said. “There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you like, but for others, what they wear can be a way to distinguish themselves and show personality through their clothes, and that’s ok too.”

Along with posting frequent articles on their website, Buttoned Bears plans a Pop-Up shop every year, providing a market environment for vendors from Waco and surrounding areas to sell and showcase their products. Live music and food are also typically included.

This year’s Pop-up shop is planned to take place in November and, for the first time, will be held at Pinewood Coffee Roasters.

“We really wanted this year to reach out to the Waco community,” Seaboch said. “It makes sense for us to build a community outside of the Baylor bubble.”

One of Seaboch’s favorite aspects about working with Buttoned Bears is spending time with and bouncing ideas off of her team of writers, editors and photographers.

“We all share the vision that we want this to be fun — we don’t want it to feel like work,” Seaboch said. “It’s awesome seeing so many different people from various years and majors that have the same thing in common that’s unique and different. I love the creative energy everybody has.”

Seaboch said the best way to stay connected to Buttoned Bears is by reading the content on their website, and following @Buttonedbears on social media, especially on Instagram. Buttoned Bears accepts yearly new writers, and applications to get involved will be up in spring.

Long Beach, Calif., sophomore Tatum Hanson was the most recently featured student on Buttoned Bear’s weekly “So Hot Right Now” section. She also runs the social media for and works at Fox and Gray, a popular Waco boutique.

“In terms of my style, I tend to stick to classics like stripes and denim, then play off trends with accessories like bandanas and hats,” Hanson said. “I’ve always worn what I like best and feel most myself in.”

Hanson was introduced to Buttoned Bears by a friend, and enjoys the website’s creativity and the Baylor students featured with a variety of styles and interests.

“Having a popular fashion and lifestyle site for Baylor students offers more space for creativity and inspiration,” Hanson said. “Buttoned Bears is a good way to get to know the personalities of other Baylor students beyond academics or clubs.”

Hanson encourages students to not be afraid to stand out, and wear what makes them feel comfortable and good about themselves.

“I encourage everyone to wear clothes that make them smile- it doesn’t matter if your clothes are fancy or casual, or with the current trends or not,” Hanson said. “My biggest fashion inspirations are my friends who have completely different styles than I do but aren’t afraid to wear what they love.”

Seaboch agrees, hoping Buttoned Bears has promoted and will continue to promote feeling confident in your own style, whatever that may be.

“Style isn’t just in what you wear — it’s the way you live your life,” Seaboch said. “Don’t be afraid to wear something that’s different or stands out- confidence is key.”