New college pastors hope to connect with students on deeper level

By Caroline Waterhouse | Broadcast Reporter

Luke and Rachel Whyte have been around Baylor for a long time, but recently stepped into big, new shoes. Luke Whyte is the new college pastor at Antioch Church and he and his family have been making big waves.

The Whyte’s said students eagerly anticipate Wednesday nights when the church hosts their college nights. These services include worship songs from a live band, as well as prayers and messages from Luke Whyte.

Last Sunday, there was a college night camp out at a ranch called Old Bethany. Students brought their hammocks, enos and tents as they barred the sticky heat and wore bright smiles as they danced their way into sermon. Luke Whyte spoke about how following and loving God will bring you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Luke and Rachel Whyte said they met at Baylor and soon started dating. They both attended church and followed God, yet also like most college students, they went to parties, drank and had fun. Luke Whyte has stated before that Jesus partied too.

“We want other people who maybe have a similar story to know that there’s hope for them,” Luke Whyte said.

The Whyte’s said they have always been honest and shared their truths with the Antioch community, which is why so many young students look up to them. They even moved with their three young children right in the middle of college life and live on 11th street surrounded by sorority girls.

Luke Whyte said he and his wife get to meet so many people and hear their stories.

Ten years ago, the Whyte’s said they didn’t think that they would be married with kids and acting as community leaders, but now, they said they hope they are empowering many people as they share their message and God’s message.