Titanic exhibit docks at Mayborn Museum

By Caroline Waterhouse | Broadcast Reporter

Titanic, the Artifact Exhibition, docked at the Mayborn Musuem June 2 and is staying in Waco until January 6, 2018.

Not only does the display include real artifacts from the recovery of the wreck, but visitors also have the opportunity to go back in time and engage in an interactive feel within the confines of the memorium.

“It’s a huge part of what makes this exhibit personal,” said Emily Carolin, marketing and visitor services facilitator for the museum.

Visitors turn into passengers as they enter the museum and are granted a ticket to aboard the ship. Beautiful piano music and serenity guide those down the halls as they soon find themselves transitioning into the cool, dark rooms showcasing the treasures from below.

“There is a chandelier and the chandelier you can really see how deep the impact of the Titanic is as parts of it are wrenched almost completely around,” Carolin said, describing her favorite item from the vessel.

Mayborn Museum staff inspect and check the artifacts daily as to make sure the pieces are kept intact and kept restored. Carolin also explained how most of the debris recovered from the Titanic were not found on the actual ship, but actually several miles from the wreck.

The ship for the most part is left untouched, because many see it as grave site for all of the lives lost. Out of 2,228 passengers only 705 survived, while 1,523 perished. The exhibit gracefully demonstrates the tragedy, but also beauty of the historic time.

“It’s a timeless tale that really fascinates everyone,” Carolin said.