Common Grounds combines caffeine, community

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

Most college students would say coffee is an essential part of their daily routine. While providing sanity to college students every day, Common Grounds customers and employees opened up about their caffeine community.

Approximately 24 steps away from campus, the guests at this cafe vary from students to tourists to families.

San Diego freshman Megan Mae Oitzman said she has already fallen in love in with Common Grounds. While she has only been here for one week, she said has found a sense of community and home here. Megan said Common Grounds is unique because “the coffee is really really good and there is a really good vibe to study.”

Shift manager and barista, Marisa Rush invited new students to check out this popular student spot.

“If you have never been to Common Grounds, come out to have a cup of coffee you never know what will happen its kind of a magical place for all of us here,” Rush said.

Rush said Common Grounds’ original purpose was to provide coffee, but is now more than that –– it is a community gathering together. Common Grounds also has a new satellite location in the Bill Daniel Student Center.