Dying in style: Students pull off killer style despite heat

It’s no secret. Texas is way too hot. Some days it feels like the ninth circle of hell, and, judging by remarks made by students entering buildings, most of us are totally over it. Luckily, Baylor’s air conditioning game is strong, but that doesn’t stop students from sweating like animals the moment they step out the doors into the muggy lava pit. Most students wear as little clothing as possible in hopes of finding relief from the oven that is Waco, Texas. The most common outfits across campus include oversized t-shirts, athletic shorts and a gallon or two of sweat and tears.

However, there is a certain population of students who somehow manage to coexist with the nightmarish heat, while also looking stylish. Whether it’s super powers or a personal sacrifice made in the name of fashion, these sharp Baylor students shared their tips and tricks to looking good in lieu of the weather.

Claremore, Okla., junior Emily Messimore’s style is influenced by vintage apparel and swing dance.

“I definitely have vintage flair in my style,” Messimore said. “I’m a swing dancer, and so I try to let that impact the way that I dress and the way that I fill my closet.

Messimore enjoys looking for clothing in resale shops and vintage clothing stores. Her outfit consisted of white sneakers, a white bandana and a yellow romper — all of which she purchased in a resale shop in Dallas.

“It just kinda seemed beachy, 1940s,” Messimore said. “I’ve fallen in love with it this summer, and so I wear it often.”

To stay fashionable in the sun, Messimore suggests finding little ways to dress up an otherwise plain outfit.

IMG_9867.JPGPhiladelphia sophomore Jadé James encourages students to try to look their best, even when it isn’t easy or it seems too hot.

“I think the model ‘dress well, test well’ is definitely applicable,” James said. “Sometimes, you can just wake up, roll out of bed and show up to class. But, if you’re not feeling like you look good, how can you sit in that classroom and do your best work? I just feel like what you put out into the world is what you’ll get back.”

Houston freshman Stephen Stark described his style as easy-going and relaxed.

IMG_9885.JPG“I just kind of wear what I think looks good on me, I guess,” Stark said. “I shop at PacSun, Polo and Calvin Klein.”

Stark’s number one tip for staying fashionable and cool is simple: don’t wear pants or long sleeves and wear what you like.