Mosaic Mixer impacts, inspires incoming freshmen

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

The Mosaic Mixer is Baylor tradition that takes place each year during the first week of classes. Last Wednesday, event on Fountain Mall showcased just a few of the more than 320 multicultural student organizations on Campus.

Mobile, Ala., junior Everett Coleman is the Polemarch for Kappa Alpha Psi at Baylor, and was able to represent his organization at the Mosaic Mixer. Coleman said he considers the event to be “a huge blessing to Baylor that allows freshman, transfers, and the whole community to come together and have unity.”

Through Kappa Alpha Psi, Coleman said, he has made a family here at Baylor and created friendships that will last after college.

Stony Brook, N.Y., freshman Hannah Detwiler and Palatine, Ill., freshman Sarah Straup said they attended the Mosaic Mixer to explore their options to get involved at Baylor, as well as to possibly join something bigger than themselves.

While walking through Mixer, Detwiler said her eyes were opened to the whole Baylor community and how everyone is plugged into various clubs and organizations. Both freshmen said they are are hopeful and optimistic to find their place in the Baylor family.

Detwiler also said she is “so excited to be at Baylor where everyone is so welcoming.”

The Mosaic Mixer marked the beginning of Baylor’s Mosaic Week, which also included a Black Student Welcome last Thursday in Barfield Drawing Room. Students who missed these two events or are searching for other multicultural organizations to join also have the opportunity to attend Mosaic Asian Night at 6 p.m. Tuesday in Barfield Drawing Room, or LatinX Night at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the same location.