New cross country coach steps up for season

By Noah Torr | Broadcast Reporter

“If you walk in here and all my stuff is all over everywhere, you may want to not give me too much stuff to do, because it’s a reflection of what’s going on in my head. If I have 50 things on my desk, that’s probably what my head looks like.”

Jon Capron is the new associate head cross country coach here at Baylor. While he is not new to the school –– he’s been here for 14 years as an assistant coach –– this is his first season as the associate head coach.

With his new role comes new responsibility, hence the paperwork all over his desk. Capron said his mind is in a million places, but he is always on top of whatever he’s up to.

As an assistant coach, Capron worked closely with the men’s team, but he now has the opportunity to work with the women’s time as well.

“Working together has been really fun and I think it’s going to help both teams,” Capron said. “Having your sisters in there, your brothers in there makes everyone want to workout that much better.”

Last season, the men’s cross country team placed fifth in the Big 12 meet last year, which is the highest the men’s team has placed since 2003.

Caron said he has many happy experiences at Baylor, as a student and a coach. And, he said, there’s a reason he hasn’t strayed too far from Baylor and the great background he has with the school.

“Baylor’s been a great place for me, I tell my recruits this, to grow up as a student athlete, as a grad school student, as a young coach helping out with coach Harbour, and now to this role,” Capron said. “[I’m] very happy with the mission of Baylor and it aligns very well with what I want to do with student athletes.”

Cross country has their first meet next Friday. There’s a little twist to the meet this year, though –– students have the chance to run with the team.

If you think you have the ability to run alongside the best at Baylor, email coach Capron at and he will be sure to meet you at the Heart of Texas soccer fields with your bib in hand.