BU ’22 provides talented mix of students

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By Kaitlyn DeHaven | Digital Managing Editor

It’s that time of year again — the time when around 4,000 bright, shining new faces grace Baylor’s campus. Baylor’s campus is not only revived at this time of the year, but also gains many talents, personalities and stories of the students. Three of these newest additions are Maria Kallinikos, Zachary Wilhelm and Caroline Gee.

Maria Kallinikos — Keller, TX

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Maria Kallinikos is an incoming health science studies for pre-physical therapy major from Central High School.

Through her high school years, Kallinikos participated in soccer, National Honor Society (NHS), Girl Scouts, both the English and history honors societies, volunteering and most importantly, band. Kallinikos played clarinet, and during her senior year, she was the band president.

While Kallinikos won’t be continuing her band career in college, she said she looks forward to using these next four years to try new things and enjoy everything that college has to offer.

I like being busy, but I’m excited to not have to be as busy as I was in high school,” Kallinikos said. “I’ll be more on my own, so I can go work out, read, do my homework and then anything else I want to do, I’ll add later on.”

Kallinikos said she doesn’t know what the future holds for her, but her dream job is to be a hippotherapist.

“It’s a therapy that works with horses and kids with special needs to relax their muscles so they can learn to walk again,” Kallinikos said. “I volunteered at a place that did hippotherapy my junior and senior year, and I loved it.”

Overall, Kallinikos said she’s excited to go to Baylor and see what college holds for her.

Zachary Wilhelm — Amarillo, TX

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Zachary Wilhelm is an incoming pre-law political science major from Amarillo High School.

During high school, Wilhelm was involved in soccer, student council, NHS and Peer Assistance Leadership (PALS). He said he enjoyed high school because his activities were fun, but also gave him a chance to help the community.

“Soccer was what I loved — it was easy for me to relax while playing,” Wilhelm said. “I also loved PALS because I got to be around kids that had different stories. It was so cool to help them learn and grow.”

Although he enjoyed his high school activities, Wilhelm said he’s excited to have a fresh start in college.

Wilhelm said he chose political science as a major after he realized his passion for pre-law. He researched what majors would benefit him on a pre-law track and ended up choosing political science.

Ideally, Wilhelm would like to be a lawyer after he finishes school.

“I want to be able to help people who can’t voice their feelings — their opinions,” Wilhelm said. “I want to be able to help give them that voice.”

Wilhelm said he’s excited to make new friends at Baylor and become who he truly is.

Caroline Gee — Prosper, TX

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Caroline Gee is an incoming pre-business major from Prosper High School, and plans to declare a management major later in her college career.

Gee was a cheerleader for four years and was also part of the Fellowship Christian Athletes program for two years.

This past year, Gee was part of a program where she would go to an internship at a law firm instead of going to class in the morning.

At the internship, she worked under a defense attorney, who prepared her for trials. She also reviewed paperwork and went over cases.

She said she’s glad to have had the experience this past year because it will help her as she goes into college.

“It definitely helps you learn how to work with adults on a professional level,” Gee said. “Since I’m going to be a business major, already knowing how to handle myself in front of businessmen will help a lot.”

Gee wants to major in management because she wants to own a business at some point in her life. Although she doesn’t know what she wants to do yet, she said she’s ready to learn and explore at Baylor.

“I’m excited about going into a new environment,” Gee said. “I’m excited to get my schedule down — my routine.”

Gee said she’s looking forward to getting the most out of her Baylor experience.

“I’m ready to go in and see where I can make a difference,” Gee said.