A SALTy summer: student leaders retreat to Pine Cove

Student Foundation members gather together during 2018 SALT at Pine Cove Shores. Photo courtesy of Caroline Capilli

By Bridget Sjoberg | Staff Writer

A week before classes start, student leaders from various groups on campus came together at Pine Cove Shores for one of Baylor’s largest retreats — Student Activity Leadership Training (SALT).

SALT is a chance for 15 different leadership groups to learn from each other and from a variety of guest speakers.

Organizations like Student Foundation, Baylor Activities Council and Student Senate were represented at SALT. Time was spent both in small groups where these different organizations could interact, and in respective groups to discuss what was learned.

Jordy Dickey, assistant director of the Student Union, has been involved with the SALT conference since its creation three years ago and works specifically with Union Board, a group that plans and coordinates activities in the Bill Daniel Student Center.

Dickey said despite the differences these groups may possess, the core mission is essentially the same.

“Every one of these groups is advancing the mission here at Baylor — the idea of creating a caring community is a very common theme,Dickey said.

One of SALT’s unique impacts results from allowing various groups to bounce ideas off of each other and to create contacts for planning future events. A variety of skills are emphasized and appreciated at the retreat.

SALT aims to teach students everything from contract resolution to marketing to spiritual emphasis and focus, Dickey said.

“The rotation of breakout sessions is very exciting,Dickey said.

Beaumont senior Caroline Capilli, co-president of Student Foundation, said she joined a leadership group to make a difference and to serve those around her.

“I really wanted to give back to the university in an impactful way,” Capilli said. “I’ve loved being able to serve some of our brightest kids on campus.”

Capilli said she was specifically drawn to Student Foundation for its role in helping a variety of campus groups. She hopes her organization will be able to impact and learn from other people in leadership.

“Its membership is so selfless and willing to connect with prospective students, current students and alumni,” Capilli said. “We just came back from a conference in Kentucky and learned from organizations from across the nation. Being able to get ideas from other Baylor organizations will only make us better.”

The goal of events like SALT is to “transform and engage students” and “connect students to their unique experience through meaningful involvement,” according to Student Activities.

Dickey believes attending SALT is not only a great opportunity to get connected at Baylor, but it also encourages students who are struggling to get involved to meet with a Student Involvement Specialist.

“They can really help you find out what you are passionate about and start connecting you to those groups,” Dickey said. “Hearing the wisdom they can offer about time management and getting involved is great.”

According to student activities, the primary goal of SALT is to connect students to Baylor’s mission and to help them realize the importance of the work they do as student leaders on campus.

“The torch that you are carrying matters here at Baylor,” Dickey said. “We all love Baylor, and when you are able to hear that what you are doing significantly matters, you can see the lightbulb go off in the students’ minds that they want to honor that.”