Sports broadcasting course prepares students for industry path

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

With the help of Fox Sports coordinating producer Dave Evans, Baylor University offers its students the only sports broadcasting class on campus.

Ever since Baylor broadcasting legend Frank Fallen retired in 1995, Evans said professors wanted to bring broadcasting back into the Film and Digital Media Department. Well, four years ago Evans sat down with Film and Digital Media senior lecturer Brian Elliot to discuss creating a broadcasting class and after one year of planning, the class was created.

“We talk some level of detail of production and different aspects of the business,” Evans said. “But ultimately, what I hope that students are able to get out of this class is — if they wanted to go into this business, that they would have an idea of what they’re walking into when they graduate.”

Evans, who is also a former Baylor Bear, said he had no idea what he was walking into when he graduated.

“I had to learn a lot of things on the fly,” Evans said. “Hopefully, I can teach students how the business is structured so when they go out and get into this business, they know what to expect.”

Garland senior Esrael Yohannes said there is so much insight to be gained from the class.

“A lot of this I can teach people just off this one semester. So imagine if there was an extensive version of this class? It could be a lot more helpful to students who want to get into this industry,” Yohannes said, “This class is incredible.”

Charlotte, N.C. sophomore Savannah Cooper said that even before Evans met her, he was already looking out for her and gave her an opportunity to be a runner at Fox Sports.

“I think that speaks for his character,” Cooper said. “How he is always looking out for us Baylor students and wants the best for us. He wants to help us get a foot in the door and become knowledgable about what we are getting into so we can be better professionals later on.”

Evans said a lot of students start the class not knowing what positions they want to pursue and aims to give them a direction for what they do want to do.

“I want there to be some students who come to the class that aren’t really that interested in sports and leave being absolutely interested in sports,” Evans said.