‘New Girl’ should have ended after season 6

By Bailey Brammer | Editor-in-Chief

Before I begin my rant about how unnecessary season 7 is to the “New Girl” canon, let me first start by saying I’m a big fan of the series. I’ve laughed aloud at every “Cece and Winston mess-around,” I’ve cheered Nick and Jess on since their first kiss during season one, and I’ve casually adopted Schmidt’s habit of abbreviating words when I’m excited. This show has been the ideal sit-com, but all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, “New Girl” is no exception.

Every successful comedy show that follows a group of friends has that one couple that is on-again-off-again for the entire series. In “Friends,” it was Ross and Rachel, in “How I Met Your Mother,” it was Ted and Robin, and in “The Office,” it was Jim and Pam … You get the idea. While each of the “New Girl” characters bring their own hilarity to the show, Jess is the main character. Even if you don’t approve of her and Nick as a couple, you still sort of want them to end up together.

And, lo and behold, season 6 ended with Nick and Jess finally realizing that they were in love and kissing in the elevator of their apartment building. They reached their happy ending, and we’re happy for them: the same with Cece and Schmidt, who tied the knot all the way back in season 5, and Winston and Aly, who got engaged early on in season 6.

All of our characters are already living their best lives, and we don’t really need to stick around to see what their “happy ever after” looks like. Sure, Nick and Jess aren’t engaged yet in season 7, but an entire episode that focuses around Cece and Schmidt’s daughter getting into a prestigious preschool?

The plot lines seem pointless, and we already know they’re happy, so why continue to produce such anti-climatic episodes? Do what they did with “How I Met Your Mother” and wrap the season up with a finale episode … or even pull a “Friends” and just end it right after Rachel decides to stay with Ross instead of going to Paris to pursue her dream job. “New Girl” has been a merry adventure, but now that our favorites are all settled down, we’ve got no reason to keep watching.