Baylor dorm evacuated following smoke alarm

By Kalyn Story | News Editor

Students living in Texana House were evacuated late Wednesday night after a student set off the smoke alarms while cooking.

According to a Baylor University spokeswoman Lori Fog a Baylor Police officer discovered that boiled-over food on a stove had generated a lot of smoke and set off the fire alarm, although there was never a fire.

Austin freshman and Texana resident Emmy Frigo said she was in her dorm when the alarm went off. She said once she exited her room she could smell the smoke. Once sitting outside the dorm waiting for the firetrucks to arrive, many other second-floor residents said they could see the smoke in the hallway.

The Waco Fire Department was called to the scene, and they used large exhaust fans to remove the smoke.

The spokeswoman said that one student was checked by emergency personnel but found to be OK. Students were allowed back in the building at 12:30 a.m.