Baylor crew honors Baylor legend

Story by Micaela Freeman | Staff Writer, Video by Meredith Aldis | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor Crew will be dedicating its newest boat to a Baylor legendary barber Ervin Davis at 4 p.m. Friday at the Baylor Boat house. The dedication will be a formal ceremony including Baylor crew members, Davis’ family members, and former San Antonio sophomore U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Ben Aaron.

Davis began cutting hair in 1955 in the Baylor Student Union Building and served in the U.S. Army during World War II as part of a bazooka tandem. During his time in the military, Davis received two Bronze Star Medals for his efforts. Davis passed away early this March and worked at Baylor until 2011 where he then retired.

When the opportunity to name the new boat arrived, Aaron said he saw it as an opportunity to honor Davis for both his work at Baylor and service in the military.

“I saw it as important that this man be honored for both of his fronts at Baylor and for his country,” Aaron said.

The naming of the boat began with a survey given from the captain to members of the crew. Shortly after, according to Aaron, he approached the team with the idea of honoring Davis.

“Whenever I saw that, we were currently looking for a name for a Baylor boat we were graciously donated, and essentially I read an article on him, and this man has had quite an incredible life,” Aaron said.

Aaron said he is excited to be able to honor Davis and that his presence at Baylor was more than just cutting hair.

“This man led quite an incredible life even outside just cutting hair,” Aaron said. “Whenever I read his citations for both of his bronze stars, I was purely blown away by that.”

Aaron said that Davis was more than just a barber and that it’s important to acknowledge that he served his country.

“What we see this as first and foremost is that this a man who is willing to stake his life for his country. It’s a big deal,” Aaron said.

Along with Aaron, other Baylor crew members are appreciative of being able to honor Davis Friday.

Austin junior Callie Dick, captain of Baylor Crew, said the ceremony means a lot to her and the team.

“This means a lot to me because it’s a great way to honor a man who is a huge part of the Baylor legacy,” Dick said. “When we bought this boat we didn’t have a particular name in mind. All we knew is that we wanted it to have something to do with Baylor and the Baylor community.”

Friday’s ceremony, according to Dick, will allow the team and Baylor community recognize the legacy Davis has left behind.

“We want to honor the man who made such a large impact on not only on our university but also our country. It has been really exciting to be able to contribute to the Baylor culture while also honoring members of it’s past. Everything you see around campus is marked with tradition and community, this is the best way we as rowers know how to celebrate that,” Dick said.