Lady Bears commentators retire with lifelong friendship

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

Lady Bears color analyst Lori Fogleman and play-by-play commentator Rick May announced their retirement after decades of calling more than 600 games each.

Since commentating is not their full-time job, the two discussed retiring together.

“Although we kind of make this our full-time jobs, as we finished up last year we thought, ‘Well, let’s go one more and see if we can go out with a national championship,'” May said.

Fogleman and May agreed their favorite thing about commentating is the camaraderie with the team, coaches, staff and even the other broadcasters from opposing teams.

“It truly is a family the way so many people allow us to be a part of everything,” Fogleman said. “We love the Lady Bears and wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.”

With over 20 years of watching the Lady Bears, Fogleman and May couldn’t decide on who their favorite player was and said it’s like being asked who’s your favorite child.

“They’re all our favorites,” May said. “They’ve all been wonderful and when they come back for a game, we’re just as excited to see them. Just like kids coming home. I can’t name just one.”

Bob Baker, the Lady Bears’ radio engineer, has been working alongside Fogleman and May for more than 13 years and said they play about as hard as any player on the court.

“Before we ever started, I told them we’re gonna have a good time doing whatever we do, whether we win or lose, and we do,” Baker said. “It will be heartfelt with them leaving, you just hope it’s that final game in the Final Four that they’ve always wanted to cover.”

John Morris, voice of the Baylor Bears, said you develop a chemistry with someone that’s kind of hard to explain.

“You have someone that you’re very comfortable with, you’re friends with, which they are, and you just know what the other person is gonna say before they even say it,” Morris said. “It’s a comfort factor that makes the broadcast that much better when you can tell these people know each other and like working together.”

Fogleman and May said they will definitely miss being the voices of the Lady Bears, but will be back next season in the stands commentating the game to each other.