BUPD honors team members in ceremony

Chief of Police Brad Wigtil (left) with Officer Tommy Huff (right), the recipient of Officer of the Year award. Photo Courtesy of the Baylor University Police Department

Micaela Freeman | Staff Writer

At it’s annual award and promotion ceremony Friday afternoon Baylor University Police Department (BUPD) Chief of Police Brad Wigtil presented the BUPD Police Officer of the Year award to officer Tommy Huff. Wigtil also presented the Year and Support Services Person of the Year to Lindsey Rogers.

The BUPD Police Officer of the Year award is an award given to a driven and dedicated officer, according to Wigtil.

“It’s just a consistent exemplary service to the community. This award is an honor recognized by their peers,” Wigtil said.

Associate Vice President, Public Safety & Security Mark Childers said he is also very excited for the community to see and be apart of the BUPD. Childers said he hopes the community appreciates all that BUPD does, and hopes that this kind of recognition will reach out to Baylor community members.

“His exemplary behavior from different branches of the department of safety,” Childers said. “It’s a great platform to let the community see the extra work our people are doing on a daily basis.”

Wigtil said he is happy with the work of the entire department and is grateful to be given the opportunity to recognize those who have shown outstanding service.

Both the Officer of the Year award and the Support Services Person of the Year awards are awarded to an officer who fits the criteria and sets an example within the community, according to Wigtil.

“The Police Officer and Support Services Staff Member of the Year are established to recognize members of the department who have excelled in all areas of their performance and job expectations throughout the year,” Wigtil said.

Both Wigtil and Childers said they strive to be communicative with the community about BUPD’s accomplishments for they believe the Baylor community deserves the best behavior from BUPD.

“It’s safe from the moral standpoint when we can recognize a police officer for outstanding performance,” Childers said.

Wigtil said that the efforts of both Huff and Rogers are recognizable and diligent.

The work of Rogers is highly appreciated by the entire police department, according to Wigtil.

“[Rogers] also is our lead dispatcher and has done a great job of supporting our officers out in the field, and cares deeply about the community members out here,” Wigtil said.

Overall, Friday’s ceremony was very meaningful for Wigtil, and said he is thrilled with how BUPD has worked with Baylor’s community.

“I just want to say our staff does such a great job for the community and I really enjoy recognizing their efforts,” Wigtil said.

In addition to the awards the ceremony recognized departmental promotions. Those promoted were Scott Curry, Crime Prevention Specialist; Lindsey Rogers, Lead Dispatcher; and Amanda Skeeler, Communications Supervisor. John Detviler was also rewarded with the Affirmation, or was given the position of Dispatcher.