Multicultural Greek Council hosts Food Showcase

By Rider Farris | Reporter

The organizations of the Multicultural Greek Council will host a Food Showcase event at 5 p.m. Wednesday in the Barfield Drawing Room of the Bill Daniel Student Center. The event was created with the hopes of spreading awareness and understanding for different cultures through ethnic foods.

The event is free to all Baylor students and will feature ethnic foods made by the member organizations of the Multicultural Greek Council, such as alpha Kappa Delta Phi and Beta Kappa Gamma. Students will have the option to sample Arabic, Mexican, Cajun and Asian food, among others. Participants will also be able to learn more about the organizations that make up the Multicultural Greek Council.

Houston sophomore Marion BuBose, Multicultural Greek Council executive board member, said the event will operate similar to a Dr Pepper Hour with food, live music and the ability to mingle with the event’s hosts.

“We just want to spread cultures and spread diversity and try to get people to understand that we’re all here for a cause and we’re all here to make a difference,” DuBose said.

This is the third year that the council is holding the event. Many members of the council, including Lambda Phi Epsilon and Sigma Iota Alpha, will be in attendance and offering samples.

Amman, Jordan, senior Abdullah Ghali, Multicultural Greek Council executive board member, said the event will enable members to promote the Multicultural Greek Council. The event will allow students from all backgrounds to learn more about the organizations in the Multicultural Greek Council, as well as learn more about the cultures providing the foods.

“It’s a sort of hospitable environment where we welcome our guests and engage in conversation with them over good food,” Ghali said. “We tell them who we are and hope to spike their interest.”

DuBose said students from all over the world attend Baylor and that attending the food showcase is a good way to become more culturally literate and learn more about students from different cultural backgrounds. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about cultures vastly different from their own.

“Multicultural Greek Council is trying to expose different people around Baylor that we are here to make a difference and also show that we have a lot of stuff to offer,” DuBose said.

Students from all cultures are welcome to attend the event. DuBose said by learning more about other cultures, people are more likely to understand each other and come together.

“The biggest thing that brings people together is food and music, right?” DuBose said.