Baylor Law School holds People’s Law School

By Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

The Baylor Law school hosted its 13th annual People’s Law School today.

The People’s Law School is an opportunity for residents to gain a better understanding of the law from experts.

Attendees were able to sit in on three sessions which covered topics like sexual harassment in the workplace, landlord-tenant laws, family law and consumer law.

Organizer of the People’s Law School and professor of law, Patricia Wilson said there are sessions held in other areas of the state and that the Texas Bar Association recommended that a People’s Law School be set up in Central Texas.

“We know that there is lots of misinformation and our goal is, we’re not going to do law school in three hours, but if we can help dispel some of the misinformation and some of the myths that there are about the law, then we have done something that is important and useful,” Wilson said.

Secorra Clark drove from Austin to attend the People’s Law School at Baylor. She attended a session on elder law.

“I have family that I feel like would benefit from the information, and myself, as I grow older,” Clark said.

Wilson said she hopes attendees will have a greater understanding of how the law impacts their personal and professional lives.

“I hope that they will see what most lawyers see when they sit down and think about it, which is the beauty of the law,” Wilson said. “It’s not perfect, but we have a pretty good system and ultimately, I just hope they will go away with information they will find useful in their lives.”