Waco Independent School District police chief resigns

Waco ISD police Chief Ken Boatman resigned on Friday amid several complaints ranging from behavior in work place to interactions with co-workers. Waco ISD file photo

By Reagan Ebb | Staff Writer

Waco Independent School District police chief Ken Boatman resigned effective immediately on Friday.

In December, the Waco ISD human resources department received two complaints regarding hostility in Boatman’s work environment and negative interactions with several co-workers. The allegations are not of a criminal nature, but human resources is looking into the complaints, Waco ISD spokesperson Kyle DeBeer said.

Boatman was on administrative leave with pay on Jan. 19. He submitted his resignation letter on Jan. 30, only two weeks after being suspended.

After investigations opened, a flood of complaints came to light about Boatman’s work ethic, ranging from sexual harassment, engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a co-worker, toxic leadership and many more.

Waco ISD director of human resources’ employment services Sue Pfleging released both Boatman’s resignation letter and a summary of the allegations against him on Jan. 29.

“We will move forward with an investigation into these new matters. As part of that investigation, you [Boatman] will be given an opportunity to respond to the complaints/allegations,” Pfleging wrote.

Boatman’s said in his resignation letter that he was disappointed with the actions of Waco ISD. He said in his more than 21 years of service, he brought a department “facing disbandment” to the No. 1 rated service department in the district. Boatman refuted all accusations, but still decided to resign.

“It is disheartening of what I have been accused of and such accusations are entirely false,” Boatman wrote.

Boatman’s said in his resignation letter that he was unwilling to keep a position he feels unsupported in, and will not put his family through any more grief.

“It has become apparently clear, at this point, that individual and/or individuals want my removal as chief of police and will resort to any means necessary,” Boatman said.

Waco ISD spokesman Kyle DeBeer stated in the release that human resources could not find any evidence supporting the claims. DeBeer said Waco ISD takes employee complaints seriously and the district is committed to providing a healthy work environment.

“While we determined that the initial anonymous allegations were unsubstantiated, when additional concerns emerged, we moved quickly to investigate them and to notify Chief Boatman of those allegations,” DeBeer said.

Lt. David Williams, who acted as interim police chief while Boatman was suspended, will serve in place of Boatman following his resignation. Williams has 15 years of law enforcement experience.