New delivery service coming to Waco

Photo Courtesy of Favor

By Micaela Freeman | Staff Writer

Favor, a delivery service, announced recently that it will be extending its services to Waco and the Baylor community. The service will deliver crowd favorites such as Common Grounds coffee, Schmaltz sandwiches, Dr Pepper and flowers. The delivery service prides itself for delivering fresh food to a person’s doorstep and offering personal assistance such as an errand, picking something up, or grabbing a cup of coffee.

Favor is currently Texas-based and will be expanding to over 25 cities in 2018. Favor will extend its services to the Waco on Feb. 12, including Baylor’s campus. The company is looking forward to expanding to Waco because Favor wants to be able to offer its services to students without cars on Baylor’s campus.

The company, founded in 2013 in Austin, has delivered 1.5 million items to people. However, the question of what distinguishes them from Uber Eats or GrubHub is popular among new users of Favor. CEO Jag Bath, who is originally from London, found it to be the most convenient and the most easy to use. Originally a Favor user, Bath joined the Favor team in 2013 after cofounders Zac Maurais and Ben Doherty approached him about the opportunity.

“What stood out about Favor to me was the convenience factor,” said Bath to Paste Magazine in 2016. “I had gotten used to living in New York City and having everything delivered to me, and that didn’t exist when I moved to Austin. Coming from London, I suppose it was a bit gullible of me, as I assumed all Americans lived like they do in New York.”

The Austin-based company has a list of goals it wants to accomplish, including expanding its services and featuring local economy. Austin Communications Manager Catherine Nissley has been with the team since April 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. She is thrilled with her experience and is eager to expand to Baylor and Waco.

“It’s been an incredible experience; I started back in 2016. Last year, in July, we were the first company to achieve profitability in scale. It’s such an exciting thing to be a part of and we get to help local companies. We just love to help other businesses grow,” Nissley said.

The delivery service will allow students to get groceries, restaurant style food and much more without a car or leaving campus. Nissley is excited that Favor is going to be offered on Baylor’s campus and she praises the company for catering to students without a car.

“We are all about for making things easier, and being able to help is huge for us. We even do grocery delivery,” Nissley said. “We are in a lot of cities with colleges, and it’s really meaningful. We are able to get [students] anything. It really convenient for [them].”