Feminist club advocates for more baby changing tables on campus

Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

A feminist club is currently going through Baylor’s student activities charter process, but in the meantime, members of the organization are devoting their time and energy to advocate for more baby-changing facilities in Baylor’s public restrooms.

Feminist club president Adrienne Kruse said she was first made aware of the lack of facilities when talking to San Diego senior, Trenton Reyes who found it hard to find changing facilities on campus when his girlfriend and one-month old son came to visit him.

“She’d come over to campus when I’d be getting out of classes, so we would just hang out over here and one of the things we realized is that there really weren’t any changing tables that were easy to find,” Reyes said.

Kruse said the club wants to work with Baylor to make these facilities more accessible for any students, faculty, staff or visiting families who come to Baylor’s campus.

“Especially being on a campus where majority of the students are 18 to 22, don’t really have kids yet, there’s some things that just are an oversight,” Kruse said. “So we really want to work with the faculty and work with the staff here at Baylor.”

Lori Fogleman, Assistant Vice President for Media Communications at Baylor, said the first-floor bathrooms in the Bill Daniels Student Center were recently renovated to comply with ADA standards and include changing facilities. Renovations are also planned for the second floor.

“This is certainly an important issue. We do listen and are attentive to ways that the university can better accommodate students, faculty, staff and visitors with young children,” Fogleman said.

The feminist club said they are built on three core values: intersectionality, gender equality and humility.

“We want to walk really humbly and with grace in the way that we handle issues,” Kruse said. “I think there is a time to be controversial and a time to not be controversial.”

Kruse said the group currently has about 116 members.