Off-campus aggravated robbery near 1400 block of Wood Avenue

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

By Reagan Ebb | Staff Writer

An off-campus aggravated robbery happened in the 1400 block of Wood Avenue around 1 a.m. Friday.

The alleged victim told police she was robbed by an armed man after she had parked her car, according to a Baylor University statement. The suspect approached her from behind, demanded the car and fired a shot when the victim drove away.

The suspect is described as a 6-foot, dark complexioned man wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and light colored pants. Witnesses said the suspect had a deep voice. The suspect was seen entering the passenger side of a white or red Kia Optima and driving away.

Baylor University sent out a safety notification early Friday morning stating all faculty, staff and students are “encouraged to be alert and cautious” while both on and off campus.

Cedar Park junior Lisa Ruffcorn said she heard a gunshot while studying with her roommates around 12:50 a.m. Ruffcorn lives in a duplex near where the robbery took place.

“We heard this really loud pop noise, and then we heard a lot of screaming,” Ruffcorn said.

Ruffcorn said they waited a couple minutes before looking outside, where they saw male students speaking with both Baylor and Waco police officers. She said there were seven police vehicles at the scene.

“We were just all worried for the girl that we knew was robbed and wanted to make sure she was safe,” Ruffcorn said.

Baylor Police Chief Brad Wigtil said the department provides a security escort service to make sure students get home safely, but that students should also download the BU Campus Guardian app on their phone. The app allows students to contact Baylor Police immediately if needed.

The Baylor Police Department will be increasing patrol in the area. Updates on suspect leads are still under investigation, but the department did give the following statement:

“When it comes to personal safety, BUPD urges student students to be cautious of their surroundings. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation or see a suspicious person, please contact Baylor Police Department.”