Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles come to Texas

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Managing Editor

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been popular ever since they made their comic book debut 30 years ago. Since then, the cartoons have grown into shows that have been around for years. Because of this, the Mayborn Museum has decided to bring the Ninja Turtles to Waco.

Rebecca Nall, the Assistant Director of Exhibits, Communications and Visitor Services, is constantly working on bringing exhibits to the Mayborn and said she is very excited about having the Secrets of the Sewer exhibit here.

“We are the exhibit’s first stop in Texas, so we are feeling pretty lucky,” Nall said.

The exhibit is family-friendly and suitable for all ages to enjoy. Nall encourages Baylor students to come and check out the exhibit, especially since admission is free for all Baylor students.

“There is a lot of people in their thirties that grew up with the Ninja Turtles and are excited to bring their children to it and experience it,” Nall said. “There is a current TV show on Nickelodeon, so there has been a lot of excitement about it.”

The exhibit has several attractions you can do from solving obstacles, finding out what Ninja Turtle you are most like and mastering ninja moves at the dojo. However, Nall said the most popular attraction at the exhibit is the pizza thrower.

“We have different pizzas-size disks that you can shoot bad guys with,”Nall said. “That’s been a hit.”

The exhibit is open now until May at the Mayborn.