Fraternity rush concludes with class of new pledges

Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon Westminster, Colo. junior Adam Kwon; Marietta, Ga. freshman Ryan Kim, Austin freshman Cade Bandera, Daly City, Calif. freshman Jonathan Lau and Carmel, Ind. freshman Samuel Schiller celebrate a successful recruitment. Photo courtesy of Samuel Schiller.

By Rider Farris | Reporter

Immediately following the start of the spring semester, men from all over campus embark on the journey that is rush with hopes of finding brotherhood in one of Baylor’s many fraternities. For these men, the first couple weeks of the semester are filled with events to meet the men of the many fraternities and learn more about them. Some of these men intend to rush from the second they step onto campus in the fall. For others, like Carmel, Ind., freshman Samuel Schiller, it is a last-minute decision.

“I really didn’t want to [rush] when I first came down to campus last semester,” said Schiller, pledge of Interfraternity Council organization Tau Kappa Epsilon. “I really disliked frats, but that’s part of what drew me to TKE. It wasn’t your typical picture of a frat. I got along really well with all of the guys.”

Schiller had talked to some of the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon last semester and had tossed around the idea of rushing in his head. However, it wasn’t until the spring semester was underway that he made the decision to participate in rush. He bought some new clothes in anticipation and preparation for the process and decided to go with it.

“[The rush process] was pretty straight forward,” Schiller said. “I had talked to a few others [fraternities]. A few others wanted to rush me, but I decided not to. TKE’s the one that drew me in most.”

As part of the rush process, Schiller attended events that the fraternities host for prospective members. Schiller himself went to a bowling event at the Bill Daniel Student Center (SUB) and a smoker event held at Vitek’s. Following the events and getting to know the men, Schiller was invited to have an interview with the members of TKE.

Schiller said overall, the rush process runs fairly smooth. He said the schedule is not too demanding and that he was given plenty of time to prepare, since nothing was ever last minute.

“I think [the rush process] works pretty well — especially having freshmen rush the second semester makes a lot of sense,” Schiller said. “It gives people time to settle in before they do things.”

Whitewright freshman Clay Almond and Independent fraternity Beta Upsilon Chi pledge agreed with Schiller regarding Baylor’s policy on deferred rush.

“I think it’s a great policy because it gives us the opportunity to kind of find our way around campus and really understand what it’s like to be a Baylor Bear,” Almond said.

After undergoing the rush process, Schiller said that there’s no other Greek organization he could see himself being a part of. He decided during the rush process that he wanted TKE and that was where he belonged.

“I was going TKE and TKE only,” Schiller said. “I had talked to other frats and none of the others drew me in like TKE did.”

Regarding the rush process, Schiller said it was a good experience. He met many people, got to attend a few events and found his home in Baylor’s Greek community.

“It was a lot of fun,” Schiller said. “I met a lot of good people.