Baylor musician creates new sound, clothing line

Cameron Allmond, Baylor musician and owner of clothing brand “The Cavalier Collective” performs at Common Grounds. Courtesy Photo

By JP Graham | Reporter

It’s safe to say Baylor students have probably seen at least one “Cavalier” hoodie or T-shirt on campus. Anyone who knows Cameron Allmond knows the clothes he makes through his clothing brand The Cavalier Collectives represent his passion for music and his brand. If not, then one has likely noticed a minimalistic brand with catchy combinations of color.

Boise, Idaho senior Cameron Allmond is a communication studies major. Growing up in an area rather deprived of rap music, Allmond said he predominantly listened to rock instead. When his family moved to Texas in 2006, he was exposed to artists such as Lecrae, Tedashii and Trip Lee.

Allmond said he didn’t begin writing lyrics of his own until the invention of the game Rock Band. Crediting the band Rage Against the Machine as an influence, Allmond said his diverse musical interests eventually merged because of his passion for writing music.

“Different inspirations from hearing my parents like [rap music], but also being in an environment not conducive to hip-hop, kind of brings both those worlds together,” Allmond said. “And that’s what you get is me on a microphone.”

In addition to making music, Allmond designs and sells clothing items for his brand, The Cavalier Collective. Allmond came across the name Cavalier when he ran track in high school. He had a teammate whose last name was Cavalier, which sounded catchy to Allmond. He decided it would be his alias if he ever needed one.

The Cavalier Collective was inspired by favorite artists of Allmond’s, Nipsey Hussle and Dom Kennedy, and their “west coast” vibe. Allmond’s first batch of shirts sold out pre-sale in 30 minutes.

Since producing his first round of shirts during the fall of his sophomore year, Allmond has designed six T-shirts, four sweatshirts and four hats. When he began selling shirts in fall 2015, Allmond contacted popular Christian rapper Lecrae, who was scheduled to perform in Waco the following weekend. Lecrae, a prominent source of inspiration to Allmond, posed in one of his Cavalier T-shirts. Allmond now uses the photo of Lecrae sporting his clothing to market the Cavalier Collective brand.

Image 1-31-18 at 3.58 PM.jpg
Lecrae (middle), a popular Christian rapper, sports one of Allmond’s t-shirts.
Courtesy Photo

As the designer and distributor of Cavalier Collective, Allmond said he is happy to have a close friend that recently opened up a print shop.

“My running back in high school, Jonathan Coney, moved to LA and opened up a print shop for himself,” Allmond said. “He’s been able to get me significantly cheaper prices and a quicker return rate.”

Jacob Cedillo, San Antonio senior and founder of Fades and Shaves, said he has been a returning customer to the Cavalier Collective.

“I like the logo, simplistic design, and functionality of his clothing,” said Cedillo. “It’s perfect for college students who want to look good with minimal effort.”

Looking ahead to graduation, Allmond has taken time to reflect on these opportunities. He said producing music and a clothing line are separate endeavors that depend on one another.

“I rapped before I did the clothing, but there are people that buy my clothing that don’t know that I rap or haven’t heard my music,” Allmond said. “I feel like they’re both separate entities, but when people know that they’re together … the gear starts to shine more in their eyes.”