Music impacts Baylor second baseman on and off the field

Baylor junior second baseman Josh Bissonette looks for a pitch to hit in an April 13 game against Texas. Photo Credit: Baylor Athletics

By Max Calderone | Lariat Radio Director

Ray-Ban sunglasses hold the slicked-back hair of Josh Bissonette in place as he walks across campus.

Standard white headphones peek out of his shirt, right above the letters on his chest that spell out Baylor Baseball. It’s rare to see the headphones ever out of his ears.

“I have tunnel vision when I’m on campus,” Bissonette said. “I just want to be listening to music all the time. I love music.”

That passion for music has played a huge role in his life.

Hailing from Anaheim, Calif., Bissonette has experienced quite the change in scenery since coming to Texas to play baseball. But the move went smoothly, as he is one of six players on the Baylor roster that call California home.

“It’s really comforting, honestly,” Bissonette said. “Being a California kid, the lifestyle out here is so different, but one thing I’ve noticed is that everyone here is so welcoming and nice.”

Fitting in with the large population of Texans at Baylor hasn’t been an issue for Bissonette, but you’ll never find him in a pair of cowboy boots or Wrangler jeans.

“I’m still a California kid at heart. I still like to have a decent sense of fashion,” Bissonette said.

A diehard Dodgers fan among the masses of Rangers and Astros enthusiasts, Bissonette remains grounded in his roots, evident in his preference of In-N-Out to Whataburger and strong dislike of the seasonal cold weather.

Bissonette has brought his flavorful western charisma to Baylor both on and off the baseball diamond. He is known for his flashy defense at second base and catchy walkup songs that break away from the mainstream.

His music taste has garnered a lot of attention from the Waco faithful, who have reached out to Bissonette through social media to express their approval and learn the names of such tunes.

“I love it,” said Zach Peters, associate director for athletic communications. “I think he makes all his own stuff too.”

In fact, Bissonette is a self-taught DJ who likes to create his own beats in his spare time. He is currently involved in a group called True Myth, along with two of his neighbors who share a similar taste in music.

“I’ve always been interested in making music,” Bissonette said. “It’s always been one of my main hobbies outside of baseball. I’m working on making either one or two more walkup songs for this year.”

Bissonette notes that getting yourself hyped up is important, but everyone takes a different approach when selecting a song.

“It really depends on the person,” Bissonette said. “For me, the biggest thing this year is just being relaxed and not trying to speed the game up. The walkup song I had this fall was very relaxing and chill to get me focused and get me right.”

His music selection translates to his play on the field, evident in his laid-back demeanor but fiery on-field persona.

“There’s a quiet calmness and intensity about him,” said Rockland, Mass., junior Cameron Stuart, a member of the Baylor Lariat Sports Radio staff. “He sees the finer points in his game, much like in his music.”

As an upperclassman, Bissonette is starting to mature and take on a leadership role with the Baylor team. Whether that means staying late after practice to hit in the cages or going to play catch on an off day, he is willing to put in the work to make it to the next level.

“Plan A is to get drafted and hopefully play after college,” Bissonette said. But if that doesn’t work out, he wouldn’t hesitate to pursue a career in music.

“If music were to present an opportunity, I would want to pursue it,” Bissonette said. “Either being an at-home producer or part of a group like True Myth, I just want to be involved with music.”

No matter where his path is headed— either on a baseball field or in a music studio— Bissonette’s future is sure to shine as bright as the California sun.

Baylor will open its 2018 season on Feb. 16 in Waco against Purdue. Bissonette is projected to start at second base.