Baylor musician strays from major to pursue true passion

He’s a Management Information Systems major, the Founder and President of Baylor Intellectual Property Organization, the son of missionaries, and somehow finds the time to produce and write music.

Philippines senior John Sung has been surrounded by music since he was young, and his familiarity with it has only grown over time. He wrote his first song with his brother at the age of six, though he admits it wasn’t any good.

Despite having picked up many instruments over the years, including the drums, the guitar and the piano, his true passion lies in songwriting and producing.

What started out as a hobby quickly became an opportunity to record and pursue music professionally.

John Sung released his EP “John Sung” in 2015, which is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

His first song, titled ‘Lost Young,’ was part of that EP. He cited this as the moment he realized he could professionally make music. “The feedback from that song pushed me forward,” he said.

Sung described his music as a mixture of Indie, Pop and Folk, but he said he doesn’t want to be restricted by labels.

“I want to transcend all the genres,” Sung said. “I feel like every song has its own genre, has its own voice.”

An artist’s favorite musician is often reflective of the artist themselves, their influences often bleeding directly into their own productions. Sung was quick to relay his favorite artist, as if he didn’t have to think twice.

“My favorite musician of all time would have to be Ray Charles,” Sung said. “He’s just a genius. The way he sings, writes his music … He owns it. It’s so unique and it’s so expressive.”

As for Sung’s music, he said that, to him, songwriting is the purest form of creativity, and that he’s happiest when making music.

California senior, fellow musician and “jam partner,” Kevin Kupfer, has performed at Common Grounds with Sung.

“As a musician, it’s really cool to have someone who’s constantly trying to create,” Kupfer said. “He’s got a lot of really good ideas as far as what kind of music he wants to make and how he wants it to sound.”

Sung said he takes pride in the work that he has created, none more than his song, “Mr. No Regrets.” To Sung, this is his most genuine recording. Sung said he plans to record more songs in the near future and has at least five songs up his sleeve, ready to be recorded.

Sung is not lacking in experience in the professional world, either. In 2014, Sung was offered the opportunity to write a song for Hollywood movie “The Remaining.” Sung said working with Producer Steven Stern was one of the most memorable moments of his musical career and helped guide him toward his goals for the future.

“I’d like to record songs that could be placed in movies,” Sung said. “I’ve always wanted to win a Grammy. Whether it’s songwriting for another artist, or producing, or performing my own music.”