New app shows ‘What’s Poppin’ around town

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Managing Editor

Two Baylor alumni, Darren Samuels, Kodi Agbasi and a current Baylor student, Oneil Mbakwe created an app called “What’s Poppin’.”This app will inform you of upcoming events in your area, events that are happening now and their location.

Agbasi after graduating Baylor moved to Austin and found himself curious and unaware of events going on in the city. That is when he came up with the idea for the app.

“One of our friends, the founder, Kodi Agbasi, he lives in Austin right now and he was wondering why there wasn’t many things for him to do or he wasn’t really aware of what is going on in the city that he is in or something that he can connect to,” Mbakwe said.

Not only does the app provide event information, but it also shows the demographics of the event. To do this, users are required to sign in through Facebook so that the app can gather a user’s gender.

“So when they sign in, all we are collecting from their Facebook is their age, name and their gender,” Mbakwe said. “When that happens, we put that all into the coding and then once that is in the coding, then we share the demographics of that place.”

What’s Poppin’ also has a feature with Uber so that you can get a ride through the app to a “poppin” location. The app is free of charge and can be download from the iTunes App Store.

Mbakwe plans on marketing the app more to sororities and fraternities on campus in order to feature their events on the app. Mbakwe and his co-founders were all fraternity brothers and said they understand that this can be an asset to Greek life.

Mbakwe said he has enjoyed working alongside his fraternity brothers.

“We loved creating this app together as brothers, but we know when it’s business,” Mbakwe said.